Estanne and Martin Fawer National Library Reading Hall

imageOccupying nearly the entire second floor of the National Campus, the 9,000 sq. foot National Archaeological Library and Reading Hall will be the preeminent, unparalleled and most extensive archaeological research library in the region.

The original collection was established in 1938 by the British Mandatory Government Department of Antiquities, and it now comprises nearly 120,000 volumes as well as over 1,000 periodicals on Israeli and Near Eastern Archaeology, Egyptian, Anatolian and Classical antiquities, and related subjects such as ancient art, numismatics, ancient history, historical sources, travels, and epigraphy. The computerized library catalogue contains entries about 70,000 articles. Among the rare and outstanding volumes in the collection are 220 archaeological books published between the years 1519 and 1800, and 158 archaeological volumes published between 1800 and 1850.

The Archaeological Library will be used extensively by students from the leading universities in Israel, Israeli and foreign archaeologists and researchers working in the country, and the general public. The National Archaeological Library in the National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel will forever change the level and quality of archaeological education and research in Israel.

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