Excavations and Survey in Israel

The Israel Antiquities Authority's flagship publication Excavations and Surveys in Israel is now available on-line in a digital format.

The publication contains preliminary reports of excavations and surveys in Israel, as well as final reports of small-scale excavations and surveys; it also contains archaeological descriptions of finds recorded during archaeological surveys, providing the most current, updated information about the work of the Israel Antiquities Authority in the Land of Israel. The journal is bilingual, Hebrew and English.

The e-journal is an unlimited database of archeological reports, including photographs, maps, plans and pottery figures. The reports can be searched by keywords or by means of an interactive map.

Interactive Archaeological Map

The Interactive Archaeological Map includes all the archaeological sites published in the digital version of Excavations and Surveys in Israel, at a one-square-kilometer precision. The general map is divided into six sub-areas, accessed by selecting the desired area on the map itself, or by selecting one of the areas in the list to the right of the map. The selection of an area will open a window with an enlargement of the selected area. A click on a selected site in the area will open another window with a list of the archaeological reports of the site, which were published in the journal (including those published in the printed volumes) – this list can be printed.

The on-line digital publication is another step in our efforts to share the archaeology of the Land of Israel with people around the world.


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