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imageNational Treasures Online - Artifacts from the Shelby White and Leon Levy Center for National Treasures

We are delighted to tell you that the Israel Antiquities Authority launched last week a most ambitious and technologically advanced project of placing on-line thousands of images of archaeological objects from the collections of the National Treasures for the benefit of people around the world. The fascinating project is made possible through generous funding from Shelby White and the Leon Levy
Foundation, with additional funding from the David Berg Foundation.

In our continued efforts to share and make accessible to people around the world the archaeological treasures of the Land of Israel, the Israel Antiquities Authority is making available to the public highlights from the collection of nearly 1.5 million archaeological objects in the National Treasures. It is the largest collection in the world of objects from the Land of Israel and includes: ancient glass, coins, pottery and stone, metal, textiles, ivory, wood, basketry, marine archaeology, ossuaries, jewelry and architectural fragments, with the earliest objects dating to the Lower Paleolithic period, ca. 1,500,000 – 100,000 Before Present.

imageHaving the artifact’s information and beautiful high-resolution images available to millions of people anywhere in the world is of tremendous importance to everyone interested in the archaeology and history of the Land of Israel – students, archaeologists, researchers, and the general public. This is another example of the IAA’s efforts to share and to provide meaningful, unlimited and easy public access to our collections and the archaeological treasures of our country.

imageThe Israel Antiquities Authority is one of the world’s leaders in the creative presentation of archaeological material from the Land of Israel and in using advanced technology for the illumination and education of the archaeology of the Holy Land.

This dynamic on-line site offers a selection of published artifacts from the collections of the National Treasures and is available for researchers, curators, students and the general public in Israel and abroad. The site is updated continuously, and new artifacts are added by the curators of the IAA on a regular basis.

The artifacts on the site are arranged both chronologically (according to archaeological periods) and typologically (according to the type of artifact), allowing either a gradual guided entry through the main title pages to the artifact's information card, or directly to the artifact's information card using an advanced search box. The artifact's information card presents detailed archaeological data about the selected artifact, including provenance, type, dimensions, material, site where discovered, dating and bibliography. In addition, hi-resolution images of on-line artifacts may be purchased on-line from the photographic archives of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

We invite and encourage you to visit the National Treasures On-Line site and learn more about the cultural heritage of the Land of Israel and the life of the people who inhabited the land over the past 5,000 years.

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