We mourn the loss of William "Bill" Davidson his name will forever be Synonymous for the Archaeology of Jerusalem and of Eretz Ysrael

imageBorn In Detroit, MI, Bill Davidson was raised in an active Jewish home infused with a passion for Zionism and local Jewish affairs. Traveling leaders of the Zionist movement making their way through Detroit always found a friendly reception in his grandparents’ home. Bill’s grandparents were hosts to such Zionists leaders as Shmarya Levin and Menachem Ussishkin in 1917 and the early 1920’s. His mother, active in the Hadassah organization invited as early as 1916 Henrietta Szold to Detroit, and established the first Chapter of Hadassah in the region.

imageTrue to his roots, Bill maintained an active interest in the State of Israel. Like his grandfather, Bill sought a business connection in the country. His first investment was in Ormat, followed by Orbot, one of the leading success stories in Israel. In 1989 he and his partner the late David Hermelin acquired Phoenicia Glass. Bill Davidson brought float-glass technology to Israel. Bill Davidson had an active interest in the Israeli Banking industry as well, specifically in the IDB Holding Company.

His passion and monumental generosity towards the archaeology of the Land of Israel enabled the IAA to establish the following extraordinary projects, which forever changed the landscape of Jerusalem:

The memory of Bill Davidson will forever be remembered. He will be sorely missed by everyone.

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