Sandra and Leon Levine Dead Sea Scrolls Education Center

imageThe Sandra and Leon Levine Dead Sea Scrolls Education and Traveling Exhibitions Center will develop and carry out all of the educational programs relating to the Dead Sea Scrolls, providing hundreds of thousands of visitors per year with the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the archaeologists and educators of the Israel Antiquities Authority. Special publications, interactive multimedia programs and other educational programs will be developed by the Education Center to enrich visitors understanding of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the period in which they were written, the people who wrote them, the site where they were composed and more.

imageIn addition, the Center will continue to develop and administer the extensive program of traveling exhibitions about the Dead Sea Scrolls. With a collection of 15,000 Scrolls, the most comprehensive collection of Dead Sea Scrolls in the world, and the entire collection of objects from the site of Qumran, our curators have endless possibilities and opportunities to curate and provide exhibitions to museums and libraries around the world. In 1995 the Israel Antiquities Authority embarked on an extensive program of traveling exhibitions of Dead Sea Scrolls and material from Qumran that tell the story of the Scrolls and Qumran, and of the efforts to conserve, preserve and publish the scrolls. Our highly regarded, well attended exhibitions were presented in venues such as the Vatican Apostolic Library, the Romisches-Germanisches Museum, Germany, the St. Gallen Library, Switzerland, the New South Wales Museum, Australia, the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library, the Field Museum, the San Francsico Museum of Fine Arts, Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC, the San Diego Museum of Natural History, and a number of other museums and libraries around the world. More than 4.5 million people saw our exhibitions which we plan to continue in the future.

The Sandra and Leon Levine Dead Sea Scrolls Education and Traveling Exhibitions Center will occupy space on several floors of the National Campus, and will comprise the following three areas:

When completed, the Jeanie and Jay Schottenstein National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel will provide us with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make accessible and available to the public the priceless treasures that collectively represent the cultural heritage of the Land of Israel. It will be the only place in the world for the education, illumination, safe housing, research and conservation of the entire National Treasures collection, making the collection which has been housed in numerous facilities throughout the country available and accessible.

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