The Dead Sea Scrolls in San Diego

imageThe Israel Antiquities Authority and the San Diego Natural History Museum will present: The Dead Sea Scrolls, the largest, longest and most comprehensive exhibition ever assembled about the treasures from the Dead Sea. Spanning two floors and 12,000 sq feet, 27 Dead Sea Scrolls on loan from the Israel Antiquities Authority – 10 exhibited for the first time ever, among them Deuteronomy, Isaiah and Targum Job – will be on display over the course of the exhibition. The six-month exhibition, from June 29th – December 31st, 2007, brings to the wonderful San Diego museum materials never before exhibited together: Dead Sea Scrolls from Israel and Jordan, ancient Hebrew codices from the Russian National Library, medieval manuscripts from the British National Library and stunning modern interpretations of the texts. An extensive and exciting lecture series presenting some of the leading Dead Sea Scrolls researchers from the U.S. and Israel will accompany the exhibition.

imageThe Israel Antiquities Authority is the pre-eminent organization in the fields of Israeli and Biblical Archaeology. It is custodian of the largest and most comprehensive collection of Dead Sea Scrolls in the world, including more than 15,000 Scrolls and Scroll fragments, as well as the entire collection of objects from the Qumran site excavations. Since its establishment the IAA has initiated and expanded an extensive program of traveling exhibitions of Dead Sea Scrolls and archaeological objects from Qumran to leading libraries and museums in the U.S., Europe and Australia. Our exhibitions were presented in venues such as the Vatican Apostolic Library, the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library, the Field Museum, the De Young Museum, the Houston Museum of Natural History, the New South Wales Art Gallery, the Römisch Germanisches Museum and the St. Gallen Library, and have been seen by more than 4.5 million people.

imageWe invite you to visit the San Diego Natural History Museum to view our Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition.

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