Israel Antiquities Authority Excavations at the Mugrabim Ramp

The Israel Antiquities Authority has begun salvage excavations in the Jerusalem Archeological Park, for the purpose of erecting supporting pillars for a new Mugrabim Ramp bridge, to be built for the benefit and safety of visitors. The new bridge will replace the temporary wooden bridge which was constructed following the collapse of the old Mugrabim Ramp in 2004 due to heavy snow and an earthquake,and was declared a "hazardous structure". The salvage excavations are standardized archaeological excavations carried out in declared archeological sites slated for construction and development. The purpose of the salvage excavations is to prevent and minimize damage to ancient remains as a result of the construction.

To watch a video of Dr. Gideon Avni, Director of Excavations and Surveys, discuss the recent IAA excavations at the Mugrabim Ramp please click the following link:

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