International Center for Conservation

imageStudents of architecture and structural engineering from Pisa, Italy, and Akko and its surrounding areas, are participating in a conservation project to preserve the material heritage of Akko.

Some ten students from Pisa and Akko are currently taking part in a physical survey and historical study of the Israel Antiquities Authority's International Center for Conservation Studies building in the city of Akko, and the results of their work will constitute the basis for planning the conservation of that structure. The students are also engaged in instructing local high school students with regards to survey and documentation techniques, designing an exhibition for presenting possible directions for the development of the Conservation Center, getting acquainted with the unique characteristics of the city of Akko and participating in ethnic and social activities.

imageThe ‘Pisa-Akko’ conservation project came into being through the cooperation between the city of Pisa and the Old Akko Development Company. The project, which constitutes a model for future cooperation between Akko, as a living conservation laboratory, and a number of other institutions from around the world, is being directed by conservation experts from Italy and Israel. The team of Italian experts participating in the project includes the Pisa municipal architect/engineer, Mr. Marco Guarchi, and Olimpia Niglio, professor of conservation architecture at the University of Pisa. The Israeli staff includes advisors from the Department of Conservation of the Israel Antiquities Authority. The professional aspects of the entire program are supervised by Ra’anan Kislev, director of the Department of Conservation of the Israel Antiquities Authority. The preparation of the community program and its supervision will be done by the Galilee Archaeological Education Center of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Shelley-Anne Peleg, director of the International Center for Conservation, on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, said today that this is the center’s first international project and it represents a first step in the preservation process of a very beautiful Ottoman building where the International Center for Conservation will be housed. “The focus of the program is to offer a working model combined with community workshops aimed at exposing the residents of the city to the local heritage of the past”, Peleg added.

The work of the Israel Antiquities Authority is universal in preserving the heritage of all humankind and the historic record of human culture in the world of Israel, and at the same time uniquely significant to the State of Israel.

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