Helen Diller Lecture Series - Jerusalem in Biblical Times

imageJerusalem is probably the most excavated city in the world, and few cities hold such fascination for the public as well as for the scholar. The oldest part of the city – The 'City of David' – located on a long, narrow, triangular-shaped ridge that stretches south of the Temple Mount, contains the most important remains from the First Temple period – residential quarters, fortifications and water-supply projects. This historical nucleus is the subject of new excavations producing revolutionary results for our understanding of the ancient Biblical history of the city.

imageZvi Greenhut, the IAA archaeologist who recently excavated in the City of David and in Motza, outside Jerusalem, will discuss these new excavations and present the results of an extensive salvage excavation at the site of Biblical Motza, located approximately 7 km west of Jerusalem. This excavation revealed occupational levels from prehistoric times to the Bronze and Iron Ages and the Classical, Crusader, Mamluk and Ottoman periods. Mr. Greenhut’s presentation will focus on the results from the Iron Age, illuminating the fascinating relationship between Jerusalem (the Capital) and Motza (the periphery) in Biblical times. During this period, Motza became a Judahite administrative center, concentrating on grain storage as testified by the discovery of numerous silos at the site. The stratigraphy of the site and the special finds enable us to better understand and appreciate the history and archaeology of the area, with direct and indirect implications to the debated history and archaeology of Jerusalem during the Iron Age.

This lecture is the fourth in the Helen Diller Family Annual Lecture Series: Archaeological Discoveries in Israel.

The lecture series is made possible by a generous grant from the Helen Diller Family Foundation, a Supporting Foundation of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund.

The lecture will be given at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC on Sunday, April 2nd, 2006 at 3 PM, and at the California Palace of the Legion Of Honor, on Tuesday, April 4th, 2006 at 7 PM.


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