Ben Gurion Airport Mosaics

imageIn our continued effort to share the great archaeological treasures of the Land of Israel with audiences around the world, the Israel Antiquities Authority put on display in the new terminal at Ben Gurion Airport, three large mosaics that were recently excavated in Israel.

The IAA, the preeminent organization in the field of Biblical and Israeli archaeology and custodian of more than one million archaeological objects, and the Israel Airport Authority joined forces in creating an archaeological display to greet nearly two million passengers who pass through the terminal annually. The display and choice of mosaics emphasize the connection between the heritage of the Land of Israel and the highly modern terminal designed by architect Moshe Safdie, the architect of the future National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel.

imageThe mosaics on display include a 5th – 6th CE century “bird mosaic” from Beth Shean with a Greek inscription: “blessed be you upon entering and upon leaving”, a 5th century CE mosaic decorated with animals and vegetation from Bethlehem of Galilee, and a beautiful 6th century CE mosaic from Caesarea with an image of a woman carrying a fruit basket on her head.

We hope you will enjoy the display when you next land in Israel.

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