The Israel Center for Conservation Studies

In the face of accelerating development due to a growing population, architectural and historical preservation has become a growing concern for Israel. New regulations and legislation have raised the need for trained personnel to work with architects and public agencies in order to devise and maintain standards of historical preservation.

To help meet this need, the Western Galilee College and the Israel Antiquities Authority have cooperated to establish the Israel Center for Conservation Studies, creating an academic program leading to a bachelor's degree in preservation of historical sites and structures.

This program will focus on the preservation of historical sites in the Mediterranean environment, both the theoretical and practical aspects of this subject matter, and will be the first of its kind in Israel.

The purchase and renovation of the beautiful building were made possible by a most generous gift of Gary Shiffman, a long time supporter of the work of the Israel Antiquities Authority. Gary Shiffman's previous major gift enabled the Israel Antiquities Authority to establish the Shiffman Walk along the Southern Wall of the Jerusalem Archaeological Park.

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