Adopt a Dead Sea Scroll

imageA number of 2,000 year – old Scroll fragments are available for “adoption” through the sponsorship of their preservation and conservation. Among these are the Genesis Scroll, several large Psalm Scrolls, the long and beautiful Leviticus Scroll and others. A large number of smaller fragments, both Biblical texts and sectarian ones, are also available for sponsorship. By sponsoring the conservation of these scrolls and stopping their immediate deterioration you can help us preserve the world’s greatest manuscript find and the oldest collection of Biblical manuscripts in the world.

imageA dedication plaque bearing the donor’s name will be displayed next to the adopted Scroll, and the donor’s name will forever be mentioned in publications or exhibitions referring to the adopted scroll.

This is a rare opportunity to have your name become synonymous with the most important treasure belonging to the Jewish and Christian world, the largest and oldest collection of Biblical manuscripts in the world and the greatest manuscript find of modern times.

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