The Entrance Atrium is the area under construction in foreground

The David Berg Entrance Atrium will be the gateway to the National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel. It will serve as the main entrance to the campus, a gathering place and and information center for hundreds of thousands of visitors annually – school children, tourists, students, archaeologists, researchers and the general public.  The David Berg Entrance Atrium will be a place where detailed information about activities in the campus including educational programs, exhibitions, laboratory work, as well as all matters relating to the work of the Israel Antiquities Authority and archaeology in Israel can be obtained.  All visitors to the National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel will pass through the David Berg Entrance Atrium.  The Entrance Atrium will be accessed by way of a spiral staircase or an elevator from the observation terrace at street level, with the atrium providing direct access to our large Rooftop Archaeological Garden via a special bridge.  The Entrance Atrium will encompass ca. 7,500 sq. feet and will include a garden, information and ticket areas, TV screens providing information for visitors, a coat check area, seating arrangements, and a special exhibit of archaeological objects as part of our “Object of the Month” exhibition program planned especially for the Entrance Atrium.

An inviting entrance garden adjacent to the east side of the David Berg Entrance Atrium will greet visitors as they come to the campus. A balcony on the east side of the Atrium and overlooking the main reading hall of the National Library will allow visitors a glimpse of the dramatic open two story high library below. A magnificent spiraling grand staircase located on the west side of the Atrium serves as a beautiful focal point and will lead visitors to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition gallery and the National Library located immediately below. Glass curtain walls and silver metal panels clad the outward facing walls of the atrium affording wonderful views of the huge tensile canopy above the building, the main courtyard of the National Campus, the large Rooftop Archaeological Garden as well as the Hebrew University campus and Mount Herzl in the distant.

Naming of the Entrance Atrium will be in perpetuity, and we are seeking your exemplary, continued generosity in the amount of $1.2 Million payable over a 3 – year period to the Friends of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

The National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel is scheduled to open to the public in April 2016, with construction of the entire frame of 10 floors already completed.

Please contact me for additional information regarding this naming opportunity.

Thank you very much and warm best wishes,

Jacob Fisch

                                                 The Entrance Atrium is the entire area on the right

                                                     Looking West toward Hebrew University Campus

                                                      The East Facade of the Campus under Construction

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