View of Rooftop Archaeological Garden under construction

A rendering of the Rooftop Archaeological Garden with landscaping and antiquities  

The 19,000 square foot Rooftop Archaeological Garden of the National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel will be a grand stage for the comprehensive spectacular open-air display of large-scale, exceptional archaeological objects from various periods and locations around the country. In addition, it will provide magnificent panoramic views of the Hebrew University Campus, the Botanical Gardens and Mount Herzl in the west, as well as of the Israel Museum and the Knesset in the east, and even the distant southern hills of Jerusalem. The spectacular Rooftop Archaeological Garden will become one of the highlights for hundreds of thousands of visitors to our National Campus, the archaeological education, research and exhibition complex designed by renowned architect Moshe Safdie currently under construction in Jerusalem.

Located five floors above the ground, the Jerusalem stone paved Rooftop Archaeological Garden will feature landscaping designed by landscaping architect Barbara Aronson consisting of low olive and fig trees, shrubs and other local vegetation, providing shade and seating arrangements for visitors as well as visual stimulation among the displays of large scale archaeological objects. The impressive archaeological display will consist of ancient inscriptions from the collections of the National Treausres from synagogues, churches, mosques and monasteries, in Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, Latin and Samaritan that were discovered in excavations in various parts of the country. Weather permitting, the dramatic open-air Rooftop Archaeological Garden offering unparalleled views of the Jerusalem skyline will become one of Jerusalem’s most sought after event spaces.  Also, our magnificent Rooftop Archaeological Garden will be elegantly illuminated at nighttime.

View of Rooftop Archaeological Garden from the south

We are seeking your generosity which will enable the Israel Antiquities Authority to establish and name the Rooftop Archaeological Garden in the National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel. Naming the Rooftop Archaeological Garden presents an unparalleled opportunity to name this stunning, huge open air exhibition space in the heart of Jerusalem. The National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel is scheduled to open to the public in October 2016, with construction of the entire frame of 10 floors already completed.


Looking east toward the Bible Lands Museum and the Israel Museum

Gift to name the Rooftop Archaeological Garden can be paid over a 3-year period.



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