Naming Opportunities

imageThe National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel is a public-private undertaking that provides intriguing naming opportunities. Gifts to the Friends of the Israel Antiquities Authority are payable over a 6-7 year period.

We are honored to invite you to join us in this enormous undertaking. It is with the help and support of our friends from around the world who strongly believe in the urgency and importance of our mission, that our vision will become a reality for the benefit of present and future generations.

National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel

National Gallery of Archaeology Building

World Center for the Dead Sea Scrolls

Center for State Treasures - for the Study, Research, Housing, Conservation, Curating, Publication and Illumination of two million objects

19,000 sq. foot Rooftop Archaeological Garden

National Archaeological Library - comprising 150,000 volumes on the archaeology of Israel and the Ancient Near East

9,000 sq. foot Recent Discoveries in Archaeology Study Center

Dead Sea Scrolls Conservation Center

Ancient Glass Center

Dead Sea Scrolls Study and Illumination Galleries

Dead Sea Scrolls Education and Traveling Exhibitions Center

Pottery, Stone and Metal Center and Collections

National Numismatic Center

National Center for Mosaics


Dead Sea Scrolls Housing Center with controlled environmental conditions

Dead Sea Scrolls Library

Textile and Organic Material Center and Laboratories

Marine Archaeology Center and Laboratories

Main Archaeological Courtyard

National Collections Housing Center


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