Margot and Tom Pritzker Hall of Archaeology

imageMore than 15,000 archaeological objects are excavated each year in Israel and added to the National Treasures of the Israel Antiquities Authority. Many of these objects are extremely important and of great archaeological, scientific and aesthetical value. However, years may pass before they can be shown to the general public in museums or galleries, in Israel or abroad. They have to be studied, photographed, restored, conserved and published; usually a very lengthy process.

The Margot and Tom Pritzker Hall of Archaeology will provide an opportunity for hundreds of thousand of visitors a year to see the most exciting recent archaeological discoveries, and learn about the archaeological process in a single location. The Hall of Archaeology will be located on the ground level of the National Campus with access to the main archaeological courtyard, and direct views of the conservation and preservation laboratories, providing us with a fantastic opportunity to share with the public the most extraordinary recent archaeological discoveries made in the country. The focus of the presentations will be on the fascinating process of the archaeological work. Issues relating to excavation, research, conservation, restoration and preservation, and the various stages before, during and after the conservation of an object, a structure or an entire site will be illuminated, allowing the Israel Antiquities Authority to educate the public about the importance and urgency of the archaeological work conducted in Israel.

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