The William Davidson Universe of Archaeology Theatre

imageThe 250 seat state-of-the-art Universe of Archaeology Theatre, situated on the ground level of the National Campus, with direct access from the main courtyard and the Pirzker Hall of Archaeology, will treat audiences of all ages and backgrounds to an engaging journey of the archaeology of the Land of Israel, providing an archaeological experience introduction prior to the visit of the collections, the laboratories, illumination and study galleries, courtyards and the rest of the National Campus. The Theatre will become an ideal space for specially produced sophisticated, scientifically accurate educational programs about the archaeology of the Land of Israel. The Israel Antiquities Authority is fortunate to be able to merge the archaeological resources and know how with the most advanced technology available, to create a stimulating venue as part of the National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel. The Theatre will also be used for public lectures, conferences and seminar, and study groups relating to the archaeology of the Land of Israel.

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